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Application Guidelines for City of Chatham-Kent

Bring your application form to the Building Department with the following:

  1. 2 copies of the building plans (plans must show elevations, floor plans, cross-sections, trusses drawings,)
  2. 2 sets of the survey or a site plan
  3. Payment of cash, interact, credit card or cheque to the Municipality of Chatham-Kent
  4. Ensure application is complete. Any incomplete application or building plans will cause further delays of getting your permit.

  • The property owner is responsible for applying for the building permit.

  • The property owner may authorize your contractor or designer to obtain the permit.

  • Go to Building, Enforcement & Licensing Services Department for an application located at 315 King Street, West in Chatham.

  • You are required to provide information about the construction project. Such as who is the contractor, the type of work that will be performed, expected completion date and how the work will be done.

  • Any design drawings will be reviewed for compliance with the Ontario Building Code. It is imperative that plans show the designer’s BCIN registration number. They allow one exception. Homeowners who do their own drawings are exempt. You will not be required to have a BCIN number for your drawings for building that are less than 30 sq. meters (538 sq. ft.).

  • Cost of the building permit fees are based on the cost of the project.

  • Minimum permit fee is $70. New construction is calculated by square foot of finished floor space.

  • There may be a security deposit required in case of damage to the municipal property.

  • No work can begin until the building permit has been issued.

  • Most permits are issued within 2 weeks for new construction.

  • Other permits could take longer based on the project difficulty and completion of information submitted.

  • Inspection will be required for each phase of construction by a City building official. They will be looking for code compliance as deemed by the Ontario Building Code. These inspections are mandatory.


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