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Permit Requirements

The City of Toronto Building Permits have a list of requirements that determine when a building permit is required by the city. Building permit requirements can be found at this page.

Construction Drawings Require the Following Details

The drawings require the size of doors and windows.

The drawings require the location of doors and windows.

The drawings require the type of trusses that will be used.

The drawings require the joists and rafter sizing and spacing.

You must state the dimensions of size and height.

You must show what type of framing is used on the floor.

The drawings require locations of all plumbing locations.

The drawings require location of heating system.

The drawings require details about the insulation and the vapour barrier to be used.

The drawings require details like depth, reinforcement and width of the footing.

The drawings require details of the foundation walls such as width, depth and height.

No Permit Requirements

The City provides a list of examples of work which do not require a building permit. It should be noted here that they state this is not considered an exhaustive list. We would recommend reviewing the list provided here. Should you have any questions about whether or not you need a building permit, then give the City a  call at Customer Service.

Zoning Review

It’s important to apply for a Preliminary Zoning Review BEFORE you apply for a building permit.

This process will give you the information you need to determine the requirements that are pertinent to your project.

Expected Timelines

The City of Toronto has a process for obtaining your building permit.

These are the permit review timelines that designers, contractors and homeowners will need to consider in order to obtain their permit.

Minor Variance

The Committee of Adjustment with the City of Toronto is an appointed group of citizens that hold public hearings about your application for minor variances to your property or building.

About Building Inspections

The City of Toronto is legislated by the Ontario Building Code to perform mandatory building inspections at important and critical stages of construction during the building process. The responsibility of the permit holder is to contact the City of Toronto when those critical moments of inspection are required.

The City of Toronto performs building inspection from Monday to Friday during normal business hours and they will expect 48 hours of notification.

Fee Structure

Toronto calculates the building fee based on the type of work is proposed for your construction project. The City of Toronto has an extensive fee structure list for calculating the cost of permit fees

Zoning Requirements

Your Building Permit will have residential zoning information.

Zoning means important information about the setbacks of the building relative to the lot, total floor area, total height of structure to name a few. These issues must conform to the zoning bylaws for the area you are building within.

 City of Toronto Zoning Information

Electronic Submission Guidelines

The City of Toronto has a service that allows you to submit for permits electronically. Electronic Submission Guidelines

Submission Overview

On this page, the City of Toronto provides you with guidelines and an overview of their requirements to submit an application for building permits, building permit signs, preliminary reviews and a host of other applicable services.


The City of Toronto Building Permit office offers a program called FASTRACK. This program is designed to enhance the speed and ease of obtaining a building permit for building things such as small additions, minor alterations, small conversions, decks, porches, carports, garages, storage sheds, gazebos, basement entrances, pool fences, fire damage repairs, basement underpinning, HVAC and plumbing permits.

To get on the FASTRACK program, all application is required to be submitted by email or in person on a rewritable DVD. The staff at the counter will review your application and determine at that point whether your permit qualifies for FASTRACK.

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Working Without a Permit

Laws and regulations require that the City of Toronto ensures safety bylaws are adhered, zoning regulations are maintained, and codes are satisfactory for plumbing and electrical systems. Having a building permit ensures laws and regulations are maintained.

If you begin construction without a permit, you could face serious charges and potentially costly consequences during your construction project. Make sure you adhere to the requirements of the City before you begin construction.

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